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bury me in armor so I’ll be ready for the skeleton war



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8 vegetables that you can regrow again and again.


You can regrow scallions by leaving an inch attached to the roots and place them in a small glass with a little water in a well-lit room.


When garlic begins to sprout, you can put them in a glass with a little water and grow garlic sprouts. The sprouts have a mild flavor than garlic and can be added to salads, pasta and other dishes.

Bok Choy

Bok choy can be regrown by placing the root end in water in a well-lit area. In 1-2 weeks , you can transplant it to a pot with soil and grow a full new head.


Put carrot tops in a dish with a little water. Set the dish in a well-lit room or a window sill.  You’ll have carrot tops to use in salads. 


Put clippings from basil with 3 to 4-inch stems in a glass of water and place it in direct sunlight. When the roots are about 2 inches long, plant them in pots to and in time it will grow a full basil plant.


Cut off the base of the celery and place it in a saucer or shallow bowl of warm water in the sun. Leaves will begin to thicken and grow in the middle of the base, then transfer the celery to soil. 

Romaine Lettuce

Put romaine lettuce stumps in a 1/2 inch of water. Re-water to keep water level at 1/2 inch. After a few days, roots and new leaves will appear and you can transplant it into soil.


The stems of cilantro will grown when placed in a glass of water. Once the roots are long enough, plant them in a pot in a well-lit room. You will have a full plant in a few months.

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I am a window 

I am transparent 

I am the air in which you are standing

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So a little while ago I made a post about coming out as Transgender, and the issues that came with that regarding my family and my friends.

Wes Schneider (I’m a tumblr noob and have no idea how to make that into a link to his tumblr), of Paizo Publishing sent me a message,…

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We are the walls in formless shapes. 
The overbearing weight. 
This house weighs heavy on my mind. 
Erasing tapes, undocumented faiths. 
Took down your pictures and your belongings. 
In boxes buried under the soil, in the yard behind our tree, you’ll wait. 

Wrote tiny poems through the lines of my hands. 
Little birds flew by me. 
The wind’s been calling your name south in pursuit of foreign lands. 
Can’t go back. Where’s your tact? 
Where’s your grace? Where are the things you replace? 
Are our words more than sound? 
We cut the air and we’ve found to lose your faith in the world is to lose faith in yourself. 
We are ghosts in your homes. 
We travel under the floor. 

And when our voices fail us we will find new ways to sing. 
When our bodies fail we’ll find joy in the peace that it brings. 
The world is a beautiful place but we have to make it that way. 
Whenever you find home we’ll make it more than just a shelter. 
And if everyone belongs there it will hold us all together. 
If you’re afraid to die, then so am I.

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a grindcore band that releases their songs exclusively on vine

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Super selfies

Selfies. Selfies everywhere

these are actually really cute and I only like live for maybe a few of these supers

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When I found out Alex Vause was in every episode of season 3!


When I found out Alex Vause was in every episode of season 3!

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Guess who’s bizack? Cowboy Bebop returns this Saturday night.


Guess who’s bizack? Cowboy Bebop returns this Saturday night.


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Hope you don’t think I don’t care
Cause I do, I just don’t know if I should feel this bad about you

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