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Dads at One Direction concerts [via]

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it’s 1am


it’s 1am

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I will officially denounce moral liberalism if nintendo releases a game where mario takes his shirt off

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When to say “Du” or “Sie” - a Visual Guide


When to say “Du” or “Sie” - a Visual Guide


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Shoutout to that one go-to outfit in my closet that makes me look like less of a potato

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William Bonney | Monsters

Salt stains on my shirtsleeves from when you left poor me. Our hearts beat at the same tone for years, now they beat alone. Breathe in, pretend I’m okay. Breath out, I am not okay. Move on, the motions are the same.  Toothpaste kisses haunt my nightmares, when I wake up, why aren’t you there? There’s a fucking hole in my chest: you’re gone, I’m gone, there’s nothing left.  Feel the weeks turn into months, remember I loved you once? Who I knew has to turned to dust, blown away and broke my trust; I wave goodbye to that, I wave goodbye to us. Salt stains on my shirtsleeves, you left and I found a new me. 

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Say you’re kidding me, except I don’t think you’re joking, and neither of us are laughing. How did I end up bedside wondering what you meant by “the end?” Now you’ve seen that I’m not exactly the person you wanted me to be, so put it on my shoulders.

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When everyone wants a good time


When shit gets personal

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Types of Matter

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Robert Norman ‘Bob’ Ross 1942 – 1995

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